Jim Yang


Alice Holt Forest Trail (30km)


A stunning day-long 30km hike through the trails of the Alice Holt Forest.

ColorRun.pl Bot


Bot for a game posted to /r/WebGames

Chessmen designs in OpenSCAD


Spent an afternoon learning OpenSCAD; I programmatically designed chessmen!

95km London to Brighton


Rode 95 km from east London to Brighton with beer garden stops.

Microarmy v0.3


2D RTS game. Build your microarmy. Defend your base. Eliminate your opponents.

NYE 2014 Maze


Maze generator remixed! New years message written for friends for 2014.

Just some small figures


Figurines and doodles in clay and polymer clay.

Foldable "Dory" Rowboat


Inspired by similar plastic folding boats, I try my hand at life-scale origami.



Gamedev Weekend 3: Fishing Game Jam. Eat plankton, avoid the hooks.



Gamedev Weekend 2: Trying to simulate the fun of a 2 player board game digitally.
Includes aggressively taunting AI player and works on modern mobile browsers!



Gamedev Weekend 1: My first 48 hour collaborative gamedev: a post-mortem.

DIY notes


A compilation of trivia about properties of some DIY materials.



My aborted attempt in applying welding skills to create a prop ray gun.

Travelling Salesman Solver Toy


A demo of some simple travelling salesman optimizations.

Canvas Raycasting


Wrote a little canvas toy to learn about raycasting.

Textured tunnel


An old demoscene 3D tunnel rendering trick. Controls = mouse look + WASD.

DOM Maze


DOM based recursive-backtracking maze generator.

Game of Life


HTML5 rendition of Conway's Game of Life.

Shortwave Radio


My first shortwave radio receiver.

Haier Elegance Phone


A tiny phone or a giant pill that makes calls? Read to find out!

Microarmy v0.1


Began work on the AI vs. AI war simulator

GRE Flash Cards


Flash cards app for a friend studying the GRE English Vocabulary section.

Road signs


An undergrad experiment in computer vision: trying to detect text in road signs.

GMap Cacher


Cache Google Maps tiles by browsing the location of interest.

M2 Clicky KB fix


Reviving a specific model of the old IBM "clicky" keyboards.



Barebones JS Command and Conquer engine in DOM, written during a hot summer week.

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