Games Date Description
Fisch May 2013 (40%) Gamedev Weekend 3: Fishing Game Jam. Eat plankton, avoid the hooks.
Kilamu May 2013 (80%) Gamedev Weekend 2: Trying to simulate the fun of a 2 player board game digitally.
Includes aggressively taunting AI player and works on modern mobile browsers!
Wrenchy Apr 2013 Gamedev Weekend 1: My first 48 hour collaborative gamedev: a post-mortem.
Microarmy Aug 2010+ (40%) 2D RTS game. Build your microarmy. Defend your base. Eliminate your opponents.
DOM RTS Engine Aug 2008 Barebones JS Command and Conquer engine written during a hot summer week.
Physical Objects Date Description
Foldable Rowboat Sept 2013 Inspired by similar boats, I decided to try my hand at life-scale nautical origami.
Misc. Sculptures 2012, 2013 In which, I make several attempts at 3D art.
Raygun Prop Nov 2012 My aborted attempt to apply welding skills learned through TechShopSF to make a prop.
Math / Programming Date Description
New Year Maze 2013 New years message written for friends for 2014.
TSP Demo 2011 Travelling salesman optimization operations demo.
HTML5 Raycasting 2011 Wrote a raycaster with HTML5 to learn about raycasting.
HTML5 Freelook Tunnel 2011 An old demoscene 3D tunnel rendering trick. Controls = mouse look + WASD.
Game of Life 2010 Simple HTML5 rendition of the infamous Game of Life.
DOM Maze 2010 DOM based recursive-backtracking maze generator.
Image Segmentation 2010 An undergrad experiment in computer vision; try to detect road signs.
Flash-Cards 2010 Web flash cards for GRE English exam preparation to help a friend.
GMBrowser 2009 Cache Google Maps tiles by browsing the location of interest.
Repair / Maintenance Date Description
IBM M2 Common Fixes 2009 Reviving old "clicky" keyboards.
LCD Monitor Power Supply Fix 2013 Repairing a blown power supply on a ViewSonic VG930m LCD monitor.
Notes / Reviews Date Description
X-Com UFO Defense v1.2 Codes 2012 Copy protection codes from the manual for the DOS version of UFO.
Materials and fabrication 2012 Some points about properties of common DIY materials.
Haier Elegance Product Review 2010 A tiny phone or a giant pill that makes calls? Read to find out!
Kaito Shortwave Radio Product Review 2010 My first shortwave radio receiver.
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